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Bowl pendants create an atmosphere of clean lines and have no external arms. They create a glow of light that illuminates the bowl that covers the light bulbs. Depending on the material, color and light bulbs used, bowl pendants can produce an effect that truly maximizes the look you are trying to create in the room you are using it in. Bowl pendants are so prevalent in today’s settings that you can use a bowl pendant any where from a large entry all the down to a closet.

Some of Justice Design’s bowl pendants make use of large round shades made of many different materials. Some now are produced with the very forward thinking square shape. On Justice Design’s bowl pendants the bowl itself hides the sockets and bulbs above the bowl itself. Some of the bowl pendants also have a diffusor to hide the sockets, but those diffusors would be above the sockets.

Justice Design Group produces a vast array of bowl pendants that will enable you to choose just the right design and size to fit your room. First of all, Justice Design’s bowl pendant can be ordered in round or square. Both the round and the square have sizes that start at 14”. The round large pendants come as large as 60” in diameter. The square large pendants come as large as 48”.

There are multiple methods that can hold the bowls in place. Justice Design produces their bowl pendants with a ring, two different clips; U-Clips and Tapered Clips, 6 different styles of finials; large round, concentric squares, large square with point, a pair of cylinders, pare of flat squares and a pair of squares with a pint and a crossbar. These frames are available in dark bronze or matte black in all sizes as well as nickel in sizes up to 24”.

To completely finish your choice to illuminate your décor, Justice Design’s bowl pendants can be ordered in many different materials. You have your choice of the Lumenaria collection which features the look of alabaster, Clouds which offer a more transitional feel, Alabaster Rocks which uses real alabaster stones. Justice Design glass pendants have a maximum diameter of 24” and come in more than 6 Fusion styles, plus 6 styles of Veneto Luce glass which is produced in Venice, Italy and is the highest quality hand blown glass. The Limoges collection of porcelain comes in 11 different impressions.

Justice Design Group’s bowl pendants are so flexible it is like having custom made lighting manufactured just for you and your room. You are only limited by your imagination.

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