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What are the options available to you if you want a decorative lighting fixture but have a short ceiling of 8 - 9’? The options are actually boundless with the use of flush mount fixtures. Flush mount fixtures come as a flush, directly flat to the ceiling outlet. Semi flush are mounted direct to the ceiling with no chain, but have a fixed arm or rods which allow for a shallow depth. Both flush and semi flush mount fixtures are great for short ceilings. There is a vast selection available now as decorative lighting is being used to, not only light a room, hallway or closet, but to actually finish off the decorative theme being used.

Justice Design Group produces flush mounted and semi flush mounted fixtures in an array of styles, finishes, glass and bulb options to satisfy any room décor. Justice Design flush mount fixtures are available in round or square shade. Justice Design’s flush mounts come in 14”, 18” and 24” sizes. When you choose a semi flush from Justice Design the sizes can be ordered up to 60” in round and 48” in square. The frames can be ordered in 5 different finishes, dark bronze, brushed nickel, matte black, antique brass and chrome.

After you choose the frame, size and finish you want, Justice Design offers 7 different shade material options. The shades come in faux alabaster, clouds, alabaster rocks, fusion glass, faux porcelain and hand blown Italian glass from Venice. Justice Design offers their faux porcelain shades in 9 different impressions to further your ability to choose what is right for you.

The final step in choosing the Justice Design flush or semi flush fixture is to pick the way the shade is attached to the frame. You can have the shade attached via a unique cross bar design, a ring just below the top of the shade, clips that come in a tapered look or U shape, and 6 different finial choices.

After you make your choices, you will have the Justice Design flush or semi flush fixture that perfectly fits your room or project, with your own personal choices on display for all to notice. No matter what style you choose, Justice Design Group’s flush fixtures can ship quickly as they stock all the frames, shades and shapes in their Southern California warehouse.

Justice Design Group’s flush fixtures are so flexible it is like having a custom made fixture produced just for you and your room. You are only limited by your imagination.

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